by Len Horridge


You – no matter what you think – have a perfectly fine memory (unless you have suffered some kind of physical trauma which has affected your brain); what many us lack is the knowledge of how to make that excellent memory work for us in the most effective way possible.

Much research has been completed on memory but, as with all brain functions, very little is really understood yet. However, enough has been found out to improve our memories or, as we should really see it, our ability to recall.

Yes, of course you forget things. We all do. It is NOT an age thing; those of you with teenagers will know that they, too, forget things (the ‘half way up the stairs’ syndrome), as do all human beings. But we can all recall what we want to recall, normally at the right time.

So, why would you want to improve your memory?

It could just be that you want to win that pub quiz or make sure you never forget the birthday of your son/daughter/spouse ever again. In your working life, it could be that you want

  • The special impact created by remembering names
  • To be able to recall facts and figures in meetings
  • To be able to tell your customers prices and conditions of purchase
  • To recall what you are doing next week without recourse to your diary.

There are many reasons, many of which you can’t remember at the moment; but you will!

Simply, we have staggeringly good memories.

Unfortunately, we either don’t believe that we do OR we just don’t practise using our memory enough to get it working effectively.

Can I improve my memory?

There are two main obstacles that can prevent you from getting the best out of your memory. The first is false beliefs around the subject of memory: ‘I just don’t have a good memory’, ‘My memory is bound to get worse as I get older’ and so on. If you suffer from negative beliefs around your memory and its capacities, you may choose to look at some of the pages concerning what scientists believe about the memory (Understanding memory and Short-and long-term memory) and how it works. The bottom line is that while we still have much to learn about the mechanics of memory, scientists have shown that – barring specific damage – we all have memories of quite awe-inspiring capacity.

The second obstacle is lack of use or rather lack of training. As with your physical body, you can improve the performance of your memory by practising certain small tasks to constantly improve. If you want a better memory, you’ve got to give it a regular workout.

This topic covers the basics of memory and some simple methods and tips to improve your memory – ‘short cuts’ to help you get there quicker.

If you remember, that is...