Nick Owen

About the author

Nick Owen is director of Nick Owen Associates Ltd. He is passionate about discovering and developing leadership potential at every level of an organisation, and enhancing the necessary communication, awareness, and relationship skills which support that. Through his work he seeks to combine his experience and knowledge of what is demanded in the workplace with a sensitivity to what each individual may need for the next stage of his or her development. He believes that every organisation’s mission is to create wealth in the widest sense of the term: the generation of social, cultural, and intellectual, as well as material capital.

Nick delivers life-enhancing as well as skills-enhancing programmes, combining hard edged research and analysis from the worlds of applied and developmental psychology with the very best models from the performing and creative arts. The resulting blend is engagingly experiential, enjoyable, communicative, and hands-on while underpinned by disciplined rigour and structure.

Nick offers a unique blend of 25 years’ international experience in various branches of the communication industry. He has pursued successful careers as a writer, journalist, photographer, educator, professional actor and theatre director, as well as many years facilitating transformational change among business and education professionals and their organisations.

In addition to working with many top organisations, he has been a Visiting Professor at the INSEAD/CEDEP business school at Fontainebleau France, and is an Associate Lecturer at the de Baak Management Centrum in the Netherlands.

He is a Qualified Practitioner in the integrated disciplines of Spiral Dynamics, Reversal Theory, Time Line Therapy, and the Harthill Leadership Development Framework, and is a certificated NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer.

He is author of two best selling books: The Magic of Metaphor: Stories for Teachers, Trainers, & Thinkers [Crownhouse 2001], already translated into five languages, and More Magic of Metaphor: Stories for Leaders, Influencers, and Motivators [Crownhouse 2004]. His latest book – The Salmon of Knowledge: Stories for Work, Life, the Dark Shadow and OneSelf – was published in June 2009.

Some recent clients

  • Abbey National
  • Aethra Telecommunications, Italy
  • Aviva
  • Benetton, Hong Kong
  • Central School of Speech & Drama
  • Chester & Halton Community NHS Trust
  • CNN
  • De Baak Management Centre, Holland
  • Hong Kong Arts Festival
  • HSBC
  • Lotus Cars
  • Insead/Cedep, Paris, France
  • Norwich Union Insurance
  • SABMiller Breweries Global
  • Shell Oil
  • Standard Chartered Bank
  • The NHS
  • The British Council Global
  • The University of Ancona, Italy
  • Voest-Alpine Steel, Austria



  • The Magic of Metaphor, Crownhouse Publishing, UK, 2001

  • More Magic of Metaphor, Crownhouse Publishing, UK, 2004


Presenting Excellence, ETp Vols 17 – 20, 2000

Spiral Dynamics: Appications in Education, Learning & Development, ETp Vols 27 – 20, 2003

Both articles are available in bound format directly from the author.


Areas of expertise

  • Developing Natural Leaders
  • Working with Archetypes: natural patterns of personal and professional emergence
  • Using Story and Narrative in the Business Environment
  • Engaging with your Presence
  • Creativity: Reconnecting with Genius
  • Communicating, Relating, Presenting
  • Trainer Training and Development
  • Executive coaching