Decision Making

by Ian Moore

Using decision-making techniques

This topic covers a range of decision-making techniques, all of which are worth learning, so that you can choose the particular techniques, or combination of techniques, that suits any specific decision you have to make. To get the best practical use from this topic

  • Read the description of a technique
  • Practise a simple form of the technique in a variety of situations
  • Practise the more advanced forms of the technique (if there are any)
  • Repeat the process, using another technique.

Techniques covered

We cover a number of analytical decision-making techniques. There are others, but mastering these particular techniques should be sufficient to improve your logical decision making. To improve even further

Choosing a technique

As you practise the techniques, you will find that some work better than others in certain situations. In other situations, different techniques will work better. With experience, you can try to identify the technique that works best in a particular situation and use that technique.

Get in the habit of reviewing your decisions after you have made them so you learn from each experience. If you are unsure of how to do this, see the Coaching Yourself topic. For example, you might find that SWOT analyses work well for you. That is great, but don’t forget to try other techniques as well.