by Melanie Greene

Encouraging others to learn

There are a number of ways you can go about this, either on a team or individual basis.

Complete the learning styles questionnaire

This can be the starting point, after which you can get them to work through the exercises in this topic to explore how they can ensure that they complete the learning cycle and maximise their learning.

Keep their learning styles in mind

Do this when you are setting them tasks, coaching them or choosing appropriate training and development activities, particularly if their preferences are different to yours, otherwise you can end up mis-matching them or sending them on courses from which they might not benefit.

Using planning and learning logs

It will help if you do this yourself and can talk about the benefits you have gained from using planning and/or learning logs.

Sharing lessons learned

One way of developing a learning culture within your team or department is to encourage people to share their lessons learned from a variety of experiences:

  • On the job experiences – successes they have had, what they have learned from mistakes or things that have not gone so well
  • Sharing what they learn when they attend training courses or study for a qualification
  • Asking them to give a presentation or write some bullet points to be circulated around; this will assist them to make sure what they learn stays with them.

Consider MUD

When you have someone new in the team or someone is learning something new, consider the MUD model – memorising, understanding and doing. Help them to identify what they need to learn, see how it fits into the MUD categories and then select appropriate ways of going about learning in ways that will minimise mistakes.

Coaching others

Coaching individuals is a great way of encouraging them to learn and to work out things for themselves. They will learn more if you coach them rather than giving them the answers to problems they face or sorting out their issues yourself.


What can you do to encourage and support your team in their learning?