Nonviolent communication

by Anna Finlayson and Daren DeWitt

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Nonviolent communication – a language of life

Marshall B Rosenberg PhD, published by PuddleDancer press (US), 2003, 222 pages

This is the definitive guide to Nonviolent Communication (NVC). The author covers the basics of NVC and provides a series of useful examples, and checklists to help people communicate more effectively and efficiently. It is recommended as an introductory first read for NVC. The book contains helpful references and examples of situations in the workplace.

You can read a few excerpts from this book on the page Examples of NVC in Use

Speak peace in a world of conflict

Marshall B Rosenberg PhD, published by PuddleDancer press (US), 2005, 173 pages

This is more colloquially written than the above book. It contains a briefer outline of the process, but contains chapters on applications of NVC in business and social change contexts.

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