by Andrea Charman

Leadership capacity checklist

Each statement is matched with an opposite, with six circles in between. Please shade in the circle which corresponds most closely to your view. Click here for a PDF version.

Note where you tend towards the statement on the right-hand side; this is where you need to improve your leadership skills.

1. My vision is clear and evident from how I spend my time. My vision is not yet clear and as a result is not reflected in all my actions
2. My actions display respect and genuine appreciation of my staff. My intent is not always clear from my actions
3. My resolve is such that people believe I/we will succeed. I often sense it is unlikely that I/we can succeed.
4. Staff recognise and value my technical expertise. I lack the technical expertise to guarantee personal recognition.
5. I am confident and assertive at the same time as empathetic and aware of others. I lead with my view, but am not consistently confident.
6. I am unfailingly positive, even in adversity. I find it hard to keep positive when things get tough and stressful.
7. I put people first and seek out company to build trust and mutuality. I am not instinctively a people person and find it hard to take a proactive approach to building relationships.
8. I take time to listen to gripes and grievances, but do not tolerate either moaning or blame. I avoid negative staff who moan and blame, but sometimes complain to colleagues myself.
9. I encourage staff to observe each other in an ethos of supportive feedback. I insist that staff are monitored in line with job roles and performance management arrangements.
10. I seek feedback and views from stakeholders. I am always cautious about seeking the views and opinions of key business stakeholders.
11. My objective is always to provide a balance between challenge and stretch, and to support. In today’s pressured workplace, I feel that challenge and stretch will always outweigh available support.
12. I always share my mistakes with staff and stakeholders in the spirit of collective learning. My experience is that owning my mistakes diminishes my achievement profile.