Psychological Health at Work

by Dr Christopher C Ridgeway

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Many managers will find psychiatry and psychology textbooks overly complex and probably impractical; however, the following might be useful:

First aid to mental illness: A practical guide to patients and caregivers

Michael Rayal and M D Rayal, published by Soar Dime in July 2002, 200 pages

Provides information on the symptoms of depression, mood swings, panic/anxiety, phobia, obsession compulsion, eating disorders and grief; it also provides descriptions of the treatment normally given and guidance on how careers can help.

Am I okay? A layman’s guide to the psychiatrist’s bible

Allen Frances and Michael B First, published by Scribner Paper Fiction in April 2000, 448 pages

A description of the terms used by psychiatrists in their diagnosis and treatments, it will help in the understanding of discussions and ‘expert’ reports.

The layman’s guide to psychiatry

James A Brussel, published by Barnes and Nobel in 1967, 235 pages

The handbook of clinical adult psychology

Stan Lindsay and Graham E Powell, published by Routledge in 2007, 928 pages

Recommended for a ‘dip’ into the complexity of such mental health illnesses as bi-polar disorder, sexual dysfunction, sleep disorders and many of the other conditions listed in ‘Terms used in psychology and psychiatry’. It is probably better to use the library rather than buying this; at 928 pages, it is a long read for the busy manager.


The Mindful Employer site has a large number of useful resources including further guidance for line managers.

British Psychological Society – terms used in psychology and psychiatry that could be referred to in reports on employees

Voluntary organisations

A preliminary list of organisations dealing with particular psychological illnesses such as alcoholism to contact and request their up to date information would include the following:


A search of each of the illnesses listed in ‘Terms used in psychiatry and psychology’ will provide:

  • An expanded definition
  • Information on diagnosis, treatment and prognosis with further reading. It is recommended that these ‘information sheets’ be updated on a yearly basis.


You can also contact the author directly Dr Christopher C Ridgeway