Transactional Analysis

by Len Horridge

Want to know more?


Games people play

Eric Berne, published by Penguin Books Ltd in 1970, 176 pages.

The author is the creator, so this book gives the firm basics, looking at personal relationships rather than business ones. Still the best read and the most illuminating.

I’m OK, you’re OK

Thomas and Amy Harris, published by Arrow, in May 1995, 288 pages.

An adaptation of TA looking at how you can use TA to analyse your own happiness in your view of others.

The transactional manager

Abe Wagner, published by Spiro Press in May 1996, 128 pages.

Taking TA and adapting it to the manager’s role. Some good ideas to take on board for any budding/existing manager.

TA today

Ian Stewart and Vann Jones, published by Lifespace Publishing in September 1987, 356 pages.

Trying to update TA and how to use it in the modern workplace.


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