Personal Energy

by Stuart Harris

Need energy? A quick fix

There are dozens of great ways of energising yourself and none of them are fattening or bad for your health! When it comes to boosting your energy levels, what goes into your mouth is much less important than what goes on in your mind.

Do you ever feel the need for more energy? Most people do. Whenever the subject of boosting energy comes up, someone is likely to quip: ‘Yes please, make mine a double!’ Or more likely to groan: ‘Yes, I could do with some of that please. Where do I get it?’ You might even have come to this topic because you were flagging and looking for a little boost.

In this extremely busy world, most of us feel short of energy more often than we would like to. In fact, some people seem to feel permanently lacking in energy.

And that’s surprising, because our lives are full of labour-saving devices and there are loads of products on the market promising to boost your energy levels – from the good old sugar-rush confectionary bars through the sporty isotonic-type brands or the caffeine-kick lifestyle drinks. And of course people are drinking more fresh-brewed coffee than ever.

So, if all that’s needed is to fuel up with high-calorie, high-kick food and drink, then how could you ever feel low on energy? Yet many people do, despite all those easy calories out there – or maybe partly because of them.

Key tip

We tend to think of food and drink as energy, but they’re not, they’re fuel. There’s a difference.

Food and drink contain some ingredients that your body can turn into energy, but digestion takes up energy too – hence the mid-afternoon snooze. In fact you may well have had the experience of feeling more energised than usual after not eating for a while.

So if you’re feeling in need of energy, just for a moment resist the temptation to snatch a coffee or a snack or whatever else you normally grab. And go through the few steps below.

Step 1

Where in yourself do you most feel the lack of energy? Maybe it’s an all-over feeling, in which case you have plenty of choices. So go ahead, and focus your attention on just one place in yourself where you most want to feel energised.

  • Maybe it’s your shoulders, or your neck, or your arms.
  • Maybe it’s the middle of your back, or your lower back.
  • Or perhaps it’s your hips, or your backside, or your thighs. Or your eyes. Or maybe even your brain.

Step 2

Once you’ve found the part that needs a vitality boost, consider this question: what can I realistically do for the next ten minutes to energise that part of me?

Yes, ten minutes!! If you are too busy to spare ten minutes to energise yourself, or if you can’t be bothered, then no wonder you feel in need of an energy boost!

You may have some personal energisers that you already know about. Or you may have thought of something new.

If you can’t think of anything that you already know works, try one or more of these:

  • Do something physical
  • Change your posture – shoulders back and looking up
  • Think of something completely different
  • Remember a great time you have had, a time when your energies were high
  • Get in touch with a goal that really motivates you
  • Think with gratitude about what is really great in your life
  • Drink a large glass of water to rehydrate
  • Read something inspirational
  • Think of a person you admire as always being full of life and energy – imagine what that would be like
  • Imagine that you are in a vast field of energy and that you just need to let it in, flowing through you to where it’s needed
  • Listen to some stirring music
  • Imagine what it would be like to be an animal that you think is energetic

So go ahead and do it, then come back and check in here again...

Step 3

Ten minutes later:

What did you do and did it make a difference? If it did, then it’s worth noting it down to remind you the next time. And if it didn’t, what didn’t work? What will you do instead next time?