by Heather White


If your career and performance are important to you, then this is just the topic for you, covering both the strategies and the practicalities of networking.

The topic of networking is very far reaching: it will help you to align your career goals with all other aspects of your business world. It is increasingly expected of managers that they will network effectively. Networking – the proactive activity of getting out there – is when the rubber hits the road. This is the moment when you get the chance to do that presentation, to meet the CEO of BT, to share knowledge with your colleagues and so on.

Networking simply takes you to the opportunity, so that all your other skills, knowledge and technical competencies are given the opportunity to win the day for you.

Networking is about marketing – yourself, your company, and its services or products.

  • Recruitment agencies all agree that 70 per cent of roles are found through networking.
  • Being well connected will give you an edge over other candidates of equal ability. You speak to any senior person and ask them the importance of connections.
  • All good networkers I know will say that up to 90 per cent of their new business comes from word-of-mouth marketing, referrals and networking. Forget cold calling; forget expensive advertising.

In this topic, you will discover the value of networking, how to work a room professionally, whether as the host or the guest, how to get on with senior executives, how to identify why your networking might not be producing the results you want and how to get over your fears and inhibitions and become an effective networker.

When you boil it all down, the hard stuff is commoditised. Everyone should know the numbers and everyone should understand the business in general. The really scarce skills are the soft ones – it’s the hardest thing of the lot to do.

Don Young, Consultant