Kate Russell 

About the author

Kate Russell studied business law, qualified as a barrister and then moved into industry, where she gained experience as an operations manager and as a supplier of corporate HR and training in the manufacturing, distribution and services sectors.

Describing herself as an operations person who delivers HR, rather than an HR person, Kate started Russell HR Consulting in 1998 and now divides her time between advising small and medium sized businesses on HR issues and delivering a range of highly practical employment law awareness training to line managers, including a range of public workshops. Her unusual combination of legal background, direct line management experience and HR skills, enable Kate to present the stringent requirements of the law balanced against the realities of working life. She is a senior presenter for companies such as IDS and Lexis Nexis, a popular public speaker and the author of a number of books.

Some recent clients

  • Arriva
  • Badminton England
  • Brian Currie Milton Keynes Ltd
  • Building Services Design
  • Clifford Packaging Ltd
  • Dermal Pharmaceuticals Ltd
  • Dogs for the Disabled
  • England Hockey
  • FCC (Europe) Ltd
  • First Bus
  • Honda
  • InfraRed Integrated Systems Ltd
  • North Yorkshire Fire Brigade
  • Royal National Institute for the Deaf
  • SMC Pneumatics
  • Stagecoach
  • Thames Valley Police
  • Ultra Electronics


  • Within one set of covers you have everything you need to know about the employment life cycle.  This spans recruitment, discrimination, contracts of employment, employment rights, attendance management, discipline, grievance and termination of the employment contract, making 101 tips for employers the essential tool for managers.

    All the key employment areas have been brought together and the whole book is written in clear, down-to-earth and non-legalistic English. Not only will you have your questions answered in clear and helpful terms, you’ll find that the book is written in a highly accessible and enjoyable style. Now that’s worth noting! When was the last time you actually enjoyed reading about employment law?

The book shows you in simple down-to-earth language how to:

  • Prevent problems arising
  • Recognise issues while they’re still small enough to diffuse painlessly
  • Manage problems which have grown too large to nip in the bud
  • Take firm, robust action
  • Reduce your risk of tribunal action
  • Understand where to tread cautiously
  • Understand what the courts require of you.

Packed with information, practical checklists and real life case studies to illustrate key points, this book is the best investment any line manager with employee responsibility can make.

101 tips is produced in hardback to the very highest standards and it’s exactly the right size to fit in your briefcase so that you can be sure that the answers you need are near to hand and you can manage every employment situation reasonably, efficiently and lawfully.  In addition, if you register your purchase of 101 tips for employers with us you will receive free email updates of the statutory rates twice a year.

Understanding employment law has never been easier!

  • Off the sick list! How to turn employee absence into attendance

    Managing sickness is absence is one of the last taboos and most managers really hate doing it. This books helps the reader understand what the law allow them to do (and what it doesn’t), and talks you through the sickness absence process in easy stages and down to earth language. Unlike most books on the subject, Off the sick list! focuses on the way in which you manage process, as well as the process itself. The combination is a dynamic and hugely successful approach which will get – and keep – results.

This lively, humorous (read about ‘the headmistress technique’) and practical book sets out the author’s own tried and trusted methods. It works!

Readers will learn how to:

  • Manage the process from the first instance of absence
  • Carry out high impact return–to-work meetings
  • Get useful medical information
  • Deal with employees who ‘go to ground’ and won’t talk to you
  • Learn the ‘headmistress’ technique
  • Handle complaints of stress effectively
  • Ask really searching questions
  • Manage employees with serious health problems.

A percentage of the price of this book goes directly to the Bob Champion Cancer Trust

  • How to get top marks in... managing poor work performance is the first in a new series of practical, pocket-sized employment law books from Russell HR Consulting.


    • A clear explanation of the relevant law
    • A guide to best practice
    • The HR Headmistress’ tactical tips
    • Letter and checklist templates
    • Cases and examples.

  • Quarterly employment law update – audio edition

    Employment law changes so rapidly these days that it’s almost impossible to stay up to date. Do you need a helping hand?

    To help make it a little easier, Russell HR Consulting have created Law on the move®, enabling you to listen to developments in employment law via an audio CD or mp3 download which you can load on to your ipod or mp3 Player.

    Each quarter we review what’s been happening in employment law and what’s in the pipeline and take you through the practical implications for your business. Each update lasts an hour and is set out in three or four sections for ease of listening and understanding. Delivered in a no-nonsense, practical and informal style you’ll be able to update your employment law knowledge as you drive, travel, exercise or even as you do your supermarket shopping.

    Ten per cent of the subscription fee is given to support the activities of Dogs for the Disabled


Contact details

Areas of expertise

Kate Russell, BA (Hons), Barrister, MA, offers practical HR advice and support. Some examples of her skills and experience are shown under the following headings.


  • Creation of employment documents, for example, job description, person specification and advertisement
  • First stage screening interviews
  • Second stage interview
  • Advice on testing
  • Provision of recruitment documentation

Contracts of employment

  • Review and updating of existing contracts
  • Preparation of new contracts

Employment policies and procedures

  • Review and updating or creation of a staff handbook
  • Review and updating or creation of policies and procedures, for example, discipline and grievance procedures, email and internet use, dignity at work
  • Company communications, for example, newsletters

Discipline and grievance

  • Advice covering misconduct or poor performance
  • Managing short term absence and long term ill health
  • Carrying out disciplinary and other investigations
  • Checking the safety of investigations carried out by the employer
  • Guidance in how to carry out a disciplinary or grievance hearing
  • Attendance at a disciplinary or grievance hearing

Termination of employment

  • Ensuring that legal requirements have been met
  • Planning the process
  • Supporting the manager at the termination meeting
  • Managing appeals