Doug Strycharczyk

About the author

Doug possesses more than 30 years’ experience in a variety of Line, HR and Consultancy roles with businesses in the private and public sectors.

His line experience includes Production Management with Decca Ltd and Project Management with Wedgwood.  In his last role as an employee he was the Head of Operations for Castrol (UK) Ltd – managing the largest lubricants manufacturing operation in Europe – at the same time as being Head of HR.

In 1989 he founded TCA Consultants Ltd. Doug is the Chief Executive of TCA Consultants. In 1999, from a fast growing division of TCA, he established AQR Ltd – now one of Europe’s fastest growing test publishers and distributors. In that capacity Doug has forged a unique and highly productive relationship with Dr Peter Clough, Head of Psychology at Hull University – one of the UK’s leading occupational psychologists.

Some recent clients

Doug works with major clients in more than twenty countries around the world, including Kuwait Petroleum Corporation, TDC (Denmark), Federal Mogul, The Oscar Meyer Group, and so on. In the last two years the organisation has expanded in to the Social and Education worlds – again on a worldwide basis.


Doug Strycharczyk is a contributing author, with Peter Clough, and others, to Psychometrics in Coaching, published in February 2008 by Kogan Page in partnership with the Association for Coaching.


Areas of expertise

  • Mental Toughness
  • Organisation Development
  • Assessment and Development Centres
  • Senior Management Development and Team Building
  • Business Improvement Programmes