Drugs and Alcohol

by Ian Robinson



A properly-conducted search is not just a tool that can be used to identify any existing drug use: it can also be used as a preventative measure.

A provision for searching premises and organisation vehicles must be included in the policy if it is to be effective.

Announcing that the premises will be searched sends out a clear message to all employees that illicit drugs on organisation premises or in vehicles will not be tolerated. This should ensure that, if the practice exists, it will be discontinued.

Searches can be carried out by various methods, depending on the location, the size of the premises and what the premises or vehicles are used for.

Some searches can be carried out by trained members of staff, but if large areas or numbers of vehicles are to be searched, then the use of drug detector dogs should be considered. If the area is used for food preparation or storage or the use of dogs is not feasible for some other reason, then you should consider using electronic drug detector equipment.

Again, this requires a degree of professional expertise and should therefore be carried out by trained, competent professionals. Ideally, therefore, you should bring in a reputable company, offering access to all three methods.