Storytelling for Business

by Nick Owen

Where can I find stories to tell?

Stories are everywhere: in books and newspapers, in the movies, in everyday events, in dreams, in the minds and mouths of people and above all in our own lives. Start to look and listen actively for stories and you will be amazed by the number and richness of stories that you will discover. These are just stories that were always there, but before you decided to seek them out you simply hadn’t noticed them.

The best stories to tell in business contexts are often stories that come from your own direct work experiences or those of people you know or have heard about. But you can also use other stories. For example, stories about well-known leaders and stories that have the stamp of tradition add a certain quality of gravitas to you in the telling of them. The association attaches to you.


Not long ago I read an article in a national newspaper about a man arrested in Germany for driving his car while drunk. The other important factor was that he was completely blind. Now the drunken element can be dispensed with, but the blindness feature might make this an interesting story to use in a meeting with the strategy team.

In the Want to know more? page of this topic you will find a collection of books and articles which offer a wealth of storytelling resources.

You will also find stories in many of the topics in this resource. Feel free to use them.