Storytelling for Business

by Nick Owen

Storytelling for Business

A story

At a gala dinner in a great metropolitan city, three business leaders were asked to speak before the meal. The first preached the need for a ‘steady hand’ for a full twenty minutes; the second invoked ‘innovation’ for another fifteen. The third simply told a story which contained a subtle yet powerful message about leading with integrity and respect. It took two minutes. A month later, nobody remembered the speeches of the first two, but almost everyone remembered the story. Most of all, they remembered the message the story contained. Many noticed they had already started acting upon it.

Many people hold the mistaken assumption that they can’t tell stories. In fact, stories are the common currency of communication. We tell them all the time, to ourselves and others in order to make sense of our lives. We tell them in the office, around the coffee machine, at meetings and in the pub. Our stories are how we shape our reality – and all our stories tend to become true. So be careful how you ‘story’ your experience.

This topic tells you almost all you need to know about using narratives and stories to create the business results you want, and doing this with minimal effort and maximum elegance and creativity. It will guide you through what to do and what to avoid when crafting and delivering these powerful business communications.


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