Change Design

by David King

Preparing for change

Change doesn’t ‘just happen’: organisations going through change have to understand both the wider context and the key drivers for change as well as developing a clear understanding of what the future should look like. Only then can they confidently plan and equip themselves to succeed with their change programmes and projects.

  • The need for change can have many driving and restraining forces and each of these need to be fully understood.
  • The pace of change in modern business and organisations reflects ever-increasing pressures to improve efficiency and economy and to deliver value for money and quality outputs.
  • The context for change has a significant bearing on the approach to take and the timescales.
  • Preparing fully for change enables organisations to focus both on the realisation of benefits and the management of risks.

The old adage of ‘if you know where you are going it is easier to get there’ rings particularly true for change programmes in organisations. You would not set off on a journey without first selecting your destination and then planning your route to get there.

Business change is no different.