Report Writing

by Clare Forrest

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Rapport when writing is as important as it is when you’re speaking to someone.

Business Writing

Lots more on writing here for you to consider.

Mind Mapping

Some find this a useful tool when you’re trying to organise data for your report


Books on writing come and go very quickly. Rather than recommend anything specific which may well be out of print in a few months I suggest that you invest in these two types

  1. A decent dictionary – Chambers or Collins tend to be the most useful for business.
  2. An English usage. Set out like a dictionary, this tells you when to use accept or except, affect or effect and so on. It’s invaluable.

We don’t recommend a thesaurus – we want to encourage you to choose and use the right word, not a less accurate synonym. So, if you mean ‘cars’, don’t substitute this with ‘traffic’ or ‘vehicles’, even if this means using the same word twice or more. Accuracy is essential.


The Campaign for Plain English has many guides which are free to download and will help you with everything from eliminating jargon to using apostrophes.


You can also contact the author directly: Clare Forrest