Wallace Murray

About the author

I got a job when I left school, instead of going to university like all my mates. I went for a fun, well-paid job involving travel – enabling me to run fancy cars and meet glamorous women! It worked out pretty well too, but it gave me my first lesson on objective setting. If you don’t have a destination in mind, you’re likely to end up somewhere else! So after twenty-odd years I was surprised to find myself in a staid job in a large bureaucratic organisation. I’d been a manager at the hard end, and a consultant with some projects that took me behind some very interesting scenes – but something was missing. The formal set-piece initiatives rarely seemed to cut the mustard. I realised that what made the difference was what people thought – how they built different realities inside their heads. What they believed (consciously or otherwise) seemed to make the biggest single difference to their lives.

I suddenly knew I wanted something different, and realised I could start changing right there and then. I soon wanted to share this insight with others, so I took off from the safety of corporate life and founded Arts of Change Ltd with my partner Roisin. As a director of Arts of Change Ltd, I delivered management consultancy and training, and business coaching. As a company, we set up an initiative to help raise funds for children’s hospices in the East Midlands. I am also a director of Mind & Sound Ltd, which designs and produces audio products to help people live their lives more effectively.

My core values are that life is at its best when we are truly ourselves – and it doesn’t have to be that hard! We can all get to seriously great places while really enjoying the journey.

Some recent clients

  • MBNA
  • NSS Inc
  • Cabinet Office
  • Food Standards Agency
  • Northern Ireland Legal Services Commission
  • Peace Funerals
  • Sheffield University
  • Various SMEs through Chamber of Commerce
  • Wizards’ Network


Areas of expertise

  • Performance Management
  • Resources Management
  • Grading and Reward structures
  • Customer Relations
  • Quality