Liggy Webb

About the author

Liggy Webb is widely respected as a leading expert in the field of modern life skills. As a presenter, consultant and author she is passionate about her work and improving the quality of people’s lives. She has developed a range of techniques and strategies to support individuals and organisations to cope more effectively and successfully with modern living and the demands and challenges of modern life.

Liggy is noted for her dynamic and engaging style and as a result is frequently invited to present and speak at international conferences, award ceremonies, on board cruise ships, in the media and at a variety of high profile events.

Liggy is an international consultant for the United Nations and travels extensively working in a variety of worldwide locations. She describes her latest trip to Afghanistan working with the UN Office on Drugs & Crime as one of her most interesting life experiences. She is also the founding director of The Learning Architect, an international learning and development organisation based in the UK.

Some recent clients

  • United Nations
  • Royal Shakespeare Company
  • UCAS
  • Department of Health (West Midlands)
  • South Wales Police


Liggy is executive editor for Training Pages and has a regular column in The Cheltonian as well as writing for a variety of other publications.

  • How to work wonders - your guide to workplace wellness

    The ultimate guide to workplace wellness - we are increasingly defined by our work. It’s what takes up most of our time. It’s where we get to employ most of our talents. It’s where we experience some of our greatest triumphs and failures. It’s also the basis for our standard of living. Being physically, mentally and environmentally happy and healthy at work is key to our overall wellbeing. This book is packed with information, tips and fun advice on how to work to live and love to work!

  • The happy handbook - a compendium of modern life skills

    The happy handbook aims to provide you with a compendium of modern life skills and tools to help you to thrive in the twenty tens and embrace modern living in the happiest, healthiest and most positive way. You will discover information on 25 essential life skills and each one is summarised with useful tips to support you in improving the quality of your life.

    There is also an eclectic collection of thought provoking and useful ‘happy stuff’ that includes music, films, quotes and recommended websites to help you to achieve the happy factor.

  • Thank you – your guide to appreciating life

    On our quest for discovering the best life we can possibly have, happiness is one of our top priorities. Learning to appreciate life is a very big aspect of that. You can be a happy person , however, until you really take the time to appreciate what you have, you will never reach your highest potential of happiness.

    Thank you is a thought provoking and insightful guide filled with inspiration and positivity to help you to make the most and best of your life and wake up every day with an attitude of gratitude!


Areas of expertise

  • Life skills