Vandy Massey

About the author

As Founder and CEO (Chief Engaugement Officer), Vandy has drawn on her experience in performance assessment and personal development to launch the Engauge Range. She has qualifications in Accounting and Information Management, and recently won the IoD East of England Businesswoman of the Year Award.

Before moving to the UK, she set up and developed a consultancy in South Africa, specialising in accounting, taxation and business management. Her understanding of how IT systems interface with the business process led her to investigate ways in which highly reactive information systems can be developed to enhance performance, particularly in relation to personnel development.

Vandy is a huge believer in continuous improvement and is fascinated with how measuring progress can create and maintain momentum. Her vision has taken the company to the doorsteps of some of the world’s biggest companies, but being a down-to-earth type, she still favours the practical, personal approach to professional and personal development at all levels.

Some recent clients

  • Kier Group
  • Toyota
  • Pfizer
  • Breast Cancer Care UK


Contributing Author: E-Learning and Technology – New Opportunities in Training and Development (ICFAI University Press)


Areas of expertise

  • Employee engagement
  • Online performance tools
  • 360 degree feedback