Personal Brand

by Dawn Bentley

Developing a personal brand

Developing your brand is a continuous cycle:

  • Who are you?

What are your skills and experience? What are you really good at? How do you operate? What are your values? What do others think of you? These are just some of the questions to ask yourself at this stage.

  • Who are you becoming?

What is the reputation you want to build? What is the future you want for yourself?

  • Identifying the gaps

Identify the gaps between who you are and the reputation you want to build. In essence, this is about reviewing all the information you have gathered about how you operate now and comparing this to how you want to be. Assuming there is work to do, prioritise the areas you want to work on by identifying either the easiest areas to work on or those areas which will allow you to make the biggest impact.

  • Develop your marketing campaign.

Part of your marketing campaign may involve some personal development, particularly if you have identified some skills or new behaviours you need to acquire. In addition, you may want to consider who you need to target to get yourself known and raise other people’s awareness of what you do. Consider what additional responsibilities you could engage in to raise your profile and get yourself known. Alternatively, there may be some opportunities within your organisation of which you want to be able to take advantage.

In the following pages are seven steps to get you started on developing a comprehensive personal brand. These are:

  1. Identify what you are good at and how you operate
  2. Identify what you want your reputation to be
  3. Discover what others actually think of you
  4. Define your values
  5. Develop your vision
  6. Develop your mission
  7. Develop your tag/strap line.