by Anne Laing and Tim Bean


A Ferrari doesn’t run on lawnmower fuel...

Neither does your amazing body run at its best on junk food. If you have a high-performance lifestyle, you need to understand what your body really needs to keep it running at its optimum.

When a lot depends on you, you can’t afford not to keep up the pace.

By definition, none of the populist diet programmes are sustainable and they only cause frustration. To keep your body in the way it was designed to operate, you don’t need drugs, sachets of powder, power drinks or weigh-ins, just common sense based on sound nutritional principles.

Top athletes are trained to know that recovering energy is just as important as expending it. Corporate athletes are now waking up to the fact that sustained high achievement demands physical and emotional strength as well as a sharp intellect.

Your body is the ultimate fashion statement and good health cannot be bought. Even with hectic and unpredictable schedules, being given the right information and making informed choices is all it takes to start to turn your body clock back and get the edge on time. You can still wine and dine in the best restaurants and always stay in great shape – all it takes is the correct information and knowing what to do. Excellent health is not about starving yourself; it is about eating more of the right things and less of the wrong.

Don’t think that this is shallow celebrity-ghost-writing based on one tenuous idea. At one time Tim weighed over eighteen stone and had been given less than three years to live by his doctor. At that time, his view of a balanced diet was a double cheese burger in one hand and a thick shake in the other! The information we are sharing with you is based not just on his personal journey, but also on the extensive research we have both done over the years, which culminated in the founding of the Institute of Physique Management. It is only by having this kind of knowledge that you can begin to understand how your body actually works.

You can use that knowledge, if you choose to do so, to add years to your life and life to your years. The difference between you now, and how you will look and feel in the next five years, is the food you eat and the exercise you do.

Are you worth the effort?