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If there are any projects underway, these will impact the budgeting process, both in terms of their immediate costs and their projected return on investment.


Budgeting basics and beyond

by Jae Shim and Joel Siegel, published by John Wiley & Sons, 2005, 512 pages

An American text covering all the main aspects of budgeting in lots of detail, this book is a very comprehensive introduction, with plenty of practical examples. Subjects include the what and why of budgeting, strategic planning and budgeting, profit planning, master budgeting, cost behaviour, budgeting for sales, advertising and distribution, financial modelling, capital budgeting, zero-base budgeting, and budgeting for service and non-profit organisations.

Budgeting for managers

by Sid Kemp, published by McGraw-Hill, 2003, 180 pages

This is a very good text on budgeting for executives who manage departments and teams – strong on the preparation of budgets, including budgeting for projects.

The 80:20 principle – the secret of achieving more with less

by Richard Koch, published by Nicholas Brealey, 2007, 304 pages

Not a book on budgeting, but very relevant to supporting the generation of ideas that will improve financial performance, especially increasing sales and reducing costs. Pay particular attention to the chapters on the practical application of the 80:20 principle to business: how to think 80:20, why your strategy is wrong and simple is beautiful.


[email protected] the e-mail address for Adaptive Planning – a budgeting, forecasting and reporting methodology with supporting software to support the implementation of a budgetary control system.

Beyond budgeting round table’, a network devoted to challenging the traditional approach to budgeting.


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