Topics: Dyslexia

Olive Hickmott

About the author

Olive Hickmott is an NLP Master Practitioner, Master TPM Practitioner, Energetic NLP accredited practitioner and certified coach working with individuals and corporations to enable personal growth in many aspects of their lives. In corporate life, which she left in 1990, she was an engineering director. She founded her own business and is a director of the Hickmott Partnership Ltd. Her passion is for enabling people to achieve their goals in any aspect of their lives, especially their health and abilities to learn easily. She says it is just a privilege to see what individuals can achieve, when they realise how their mind, body and spirit are all interlinked, so they can decide just how they want to be.

She is passionate to minimise learning challenges that are linked to visual skills, and especially to stop dyslexia happening amongst our very talented children. She is looking to enable people worldwide to understand the value of visualisation for spelling, reading, mental arithmetic, art, foreign languages and so on, realising how easy it is to improve their experience and reach their potential.

She is author of the New Perspectives series of books and CDs and is a Director of the International Association for Health and Learning, that works tirelessly to research techniques and bring them to the general public.


  • Bridges to success takes a completely different perspective on learning difficulties to the norm. This book offers simple steps to better understand and change the reader’s own experience using many client stories and drawing on Olive’s wealth of experience.

  • Recover your energy is written as a story to maximise the effect on the subconscious and helps to re-energise readers by means of a number of simple guided imagery stories.

  • Seeing spells achieving takes readers through a series of simple logical steps which build on each other to enable them to visualise their way to success, developing skills they already possess, helping to improve literacy, numeracy, dyslexia and dyxcalculia.

  • You too can ‘do’ health is a book quite literally written for everyone. Using the tools of NLP, universal energy and the secret law of attraction, readers can create their own journey and achieve the health they want.


Areas of expertise

  • Coaching people with learning difficulties to use their exceptional skills to transform their negative symptoms, and reach their potential
  • Helping people with chronic illness especially those that create a severe lack of energy
  • Corporate coaching and individual coaching
  • Training coaches and trainers in these essential coaching skills