by Geoff Allan

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Action Learning

One aspect of learning that is often missing from e-learning is the social interaction that is often required to bounce ideas around and see how new concepts would fit within a particular context. Using a methodology such as Action Learning can fill in this missing piece of the puzzle.


Many people have had no real training in how to learn and have not figured how they learn best. Before embarking on a learning programme, it is worth finding out how to ‘do’ learning most effectively, especially as people have very definite preferences in how they learn best.

Learning Organisations

Any organisation that does not learn will fade and die. Learning and change are the way an organisation reacts to the changing business environment. It is a bit like natural selection as the basis for evolution. Those organisations that do not evolve will be unlikely to survive for long.


A key component in all learning is motivation, and this especially becomes apparent when the learning is compulsory for regulatory reasons, such as a need to learn about food hygiene regulations.


Preparing for blended e-learning: understanding blended and online learning

Allison Littlejohn and Chris Pegler, published by Routledge, Oct 2006, 272 pages

Preparing for blended e-learning offers a careful analysis of strengths and opportunities of blended e-learning, but is realistic about the possible pitfalls. With guidance for both newcomers to teaching and experienced teachers who are developing their practice online, it will appeal to teachers, academics, librarians, managers and educational support staff who are involved in e-learning.

E-Learning: the key concepts

Robin Mason and Frank Rennie, published by Routledge, May 2006, 200 pages

This book is the perfect reference for anyone seeking to navigate the myriad of names, concepts and applications associated with this new way of teaching, training and learning. Includes blogging, course design, plagiarism, search engines, self-directed learning, tutoring, virtual learning environments (VLEs).


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