We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.


Like excellence, humour is a habit. It takes cognitive discipline to obtain a humour perspective – to get the happiness habit.

Fortunately, the linchpin to enjoyment in employment is laughter. Fortunate, because it is a physical exercise and can therefore easily be practised and repeated. It’s like a piano player who practises the scales so he can then play jazz, or like the athlete who trains at the gym and can then more easily run for the bus.

So, we have the practice of humourobics!

This writing is two dimensional, but the practice is three dimensional. Read it through, and when you are ready – do it!

Begin with commitment and enthusiasm.


Raise your right hand. Go on – do it! Getting happy isn’t a spectator sport – you’ve actually got to do something. It starts here; it starts now. Do you just want to read about this stuff or do you actually want positive change to occur? It begins with thought, but now is the time for action. So – raise your right hand – good! Now repeat out loud.


State your name... [your name, ya goof, not ‘state your name’]

Do solemnly swear...

To practise my humourobics...

For five minutes every day... [Can you do that without rolling your eyes!!!]

For one week.

You have just committed to 35 minutes this week: Coronation Street plus the commercials. That’s 0.35 per cent of your precious time devoted to practising the happiness habit; it’s not exactly a major commitment. At the end of one week, if you keep your promise to yourself,

  • You’ll be laughing more easily
  • You’ll be finding more things to laugh about
  • Your stress levels will be reduced
  • Your creativity will have increased
  • You will work smart, not hard
  • You might even get to go home early on Friday, with everything done and dusted
  • Your laughter muscles will be in better shape
  • Your body will more readily release natural endorphins – happy chemicals will be flowing through your blood
  • The new layer of skin you grow every 72 hours will be tingling with laughter
  • You will look and feel better.

All this for just five minutes of your time a day! But wait... there’s more – your body regenerates all cells. Every seven years you virtually have a new body. If you practise for seven years, you will have a body filled with happiness. A new you – a better you.


Tomorrow begins today. Start now.

Call it laughter without reason. Consider that what you are about to do is to simulate laughter. This will stimulate laughter. Simulate to stimulate; fake it till you make it.

Think ‘I choose to laugh’. Laughter is now an action, not just a reaction. You are in control, but you must also let go.

Enter into a state of FUNN – Functional Understanding Not Necessary; or for those of you with an eye on the bottom line – Financial Understanding Not Necessary.

Just do it. Humourobics exercise