Psychometric Testing

by Claire Walsh and David Hoad

Psychometric Testing

The use of psychometric testing (also referred to as psychological testing or psychometric assessment) is on the increase. An ever-growing selection of tools and methods is being used in a wider range of organisations, and for a broad range of purposes – including recruitment, promotion, training needs analysis, coaching, team-building and career counselling.

Yet the subject remains shrouded in mystery for many people. The use of psychometrics arouses strong passions, both in its proponents and its opponents, and there is much confusion between personality profiles, ability tests and other tools. There is much sound, professional and very useful practice; but there is also poor, misleading – and sometimes harmful and unethical – use of psychometrics.

This topic aims to strip away the mystique, and to provide a clear and useful guide to the different types of psychometric test, explaining where, when and how to use them, and how to choose a skilled practitioner as well as the appropriate method or tool.


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