by Olive Hickmott and Andrew Bendefy

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Seeing spells achieving

Olive Hickmott and Andrew Bendefy, published by MX Publishing, 176 pages

Olive Hickmott and Andrew Bendefy published Seeing Spells Achieving in 2006, to reach the ‘man/woman/child in the street’, and encourage them to explore the world of visualisation and see how it can change their experience with words.

The visualisation techniques can be

  • Learned from the book
  • Delivered to companies for several people through short workshops
  • Learned though one-to-one coaching – a network of trainers is available
  • Learned on a one and a half day Practitioner and Masters Training programme, which covers the techniques in detail and includes new information that has come to light since publishing the book, for example about other learning difficulties.


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You can also contact the authors directly: Olive Hickmott and Andrew Bendefy