Creative Thinking

by Jayne Cormie

Implementing ideas

Once you have identified a creative idea or a solution to a problem, the next step is to transform the idea from concept to practical reality by implementing it.

The following diagram represents a six-step process for taking your idea through the stages of development to its implementation. Steps 1 and 2 have already been completed as part of the creative process.

Two of the best techniques to assist in the implementation of an idea are Mind Maps® and storyboards.

Mind Maps®

Mind Maps® can be used to plan and project-manage creative ideas to implementation. Using the six questions – What? Why? Where? Who? When? How? – Mind Mapping® can be used to identify all the key actions required to implement the idea, with timings and so on.


Storyboarding was pioneered by Walt Disney as a visual way of developing the sequence of an idea from beginning to end. The storyboard is used in the idea development process as well as being a presentation tool and a reference guide throughout the innovation process.

How to create storyboards

  • A storyboard is organised in columns underneath major elements known as headers.
  • Identify the key headers for your innovation storyboard, such as concept development, for example.
  • For each key heading, write down your key thoughts on sub-headers and organise them in columns.
  • Re-position the cards on the storyboard if necessary to schedule and sequence the key activities.

This process is very simple, yet it facilitates the process of breaking down the project into actionable steps and creating a detailed project plan.

The best way to start a project storyboard is to use post-it notes on a blank wall, which allows you to move the notes around until the plan is logical and well structured.

A powerful way to use the storyboarding technique is to create a story visualising how the idea was conceived and how it will be developed, using the innovation process through to implementation. See the topic on Business Storytelling for more information on the story process.