Managing Your Career

by Barbara Buffton

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Goal Setting

Any steps to manage your career will involve setting goals and thinking about your overall purpose and life direction


You may need to influence people, particularly if you want promotion within your organisation.


A mentor is someone who can help you and maybe show you the shortcuts of getting noticed and moving upwards or sideways within a company.

Work-life Balance

It might be that you want some change in your career because of an imbalance in your life. This topic might give you some alternative ideas to consider.

Working from Home

If flexible working might be the answer you’re looking, it could be worth considering the possibilities of working from home.

Political Intelligence

Political intelligence is an essential set of skills for anyone who’s aiming for the top, and neglecting these skills is one reason why some people don’t get what they want or deserve. Find out whether you are a wise owl, a cunning fox, a sheep or a donkey.


Follow your dream

Barbara Buffton, published by Lean Marketing Press in 2006, 144 pages

This book will help you discover what you really want to do and give you the motivation and determination to make it happen. Much more than just a how-to career book, Follow Your Dream takes you on a journey as your own career coach in order to create the working life you want using powerful goal-setting approaches and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming).

The truth about managing your career: ...and nothing but the truth

Dr Karen Otazo, published by Prentice Hall in 2006, 245 pages

This book covers all of the bases about careers – networking, getting along with bosses, coworkers, your workload, how to sell your ideas, how to deal with toxic people, how to get ahead, and so on. And it is written in a clear, lively, concise, and extremely user-friendly fashion.


A large and mostly free online resource on how to cope with life after redundancy


You can also contact the author directly: Barbara Buffton