Violence and Agression

by Darren Good and Liz Hudson


Violence, aggression and assault have become a major problem for workers in all manner of industries and public services. It is a problem that you should never have to deal with in your workplace, but sadly it has become more common particularly in some occupations.

This topic will provide you with the information you need to recognise when a conflict situation might escalate and arm you with a toolbox of strategies to help you cope and deal with these situations.

We will be examining both the psychological side of conflict and, of course, the physical side. We will also be having a look at the law in order for you to find out where you stand and what you can legally do to defend yourself.

Mostly though, we will be considering how we can prevent conflict from escalating in the first place...

Key tip

Prevention is better than cure!

This topic will help you to

  • Recognise and defuse potential conflict situations
  • Understand your legal position
  • Acquire some tools and strategies, including simple self-defence techniques, for dealing with violence.

It would be useful to also look at the topics on Conflict Resolution and dealing with Difficult People.