Christopher Ridgeway

About the author

Dr Christopher C Ridgeway (C Psychol, Chartered Psychologist) is a consultant. He works with both individual and organisational clients.  To these clients he brings an unusual combination of knowledge and skill.  Chris has worked as an academic, international HR director, entrepreneur, CEO of global consultancies and an individual therapist.

With organisations, Chris works on major change.  With individuals, he works with clients on significant personal changes such as trauma, family issues and addictions, and as a coach on business-related changes.

Professionally, Chris is a psychologist/psychotherapist and an HR professional.  Personally, he is committed to improving individual well-being and organisational success.

Outside the work environment, Chris focuses on sport – mainly rugby and tennis – where, due to age, he watches, rather than plays.

Some recent clients

Chris acts as a supervisor to professional psychologists and has been on various British Psychological Society committees.  He also acts as a school governor, where he chairs the HR committee, and uses his psychological sills as a sport psychologist, currently with an academy and an Olympic squad.


Chris has written six books and 70+ papers. He has presented many papers at conferences.


Contact details

Areas of expertise

  • Anxiety and depression (child and family issues)
  • Change
  • Post traumatic stress disorder