by Steve Roche

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Voice Skills

Learning to use your voice more effectively will greatly increase the impact you have on your audience, and will add to your own confidence.


NLP offers many helpful techniques and approaches for preparing and delivering your presentation, and for dealing with nerves and anxiety.


Many of the facilitator’s skills are relevant and helpful for presenters, especially when interacting with the audience.




Presenter – be your best ... and beyond

Alan Mars, published by Hodder & Stoughton, 2003, 192 pages

A short, readable and encouraging book that is full of helpful tips for the presenter.

How to develop self confidence and influence people by public speaking

Dale Carnegie, published by Vermilion, 1998, 256 pages

Timeless wisdom from one of the great trainers of public speakers.

Presenting magically: transforming your stage presence with NLP

David Shephard & Tad James, published by Crown House Publishing, 2001, 300 pages

A comprehensive guide to using NLP to build presence and charisma in front of an audience.

Just say a few words

Bob Monkhouse, published by Virgin Books, 2004, 208 pages

An enjoyable read with some excellent tips and stories from a master of after-dinner speaking.

30 minutes before a presentation

Patrick Forsyth, published by Kogan Page Ltd, 1997, 64 pages

Good advice and helpful ideas for presenting at short notice.

Words that change minds: mastering the language of influence

Shelle Rose Charvet, published by Kendall Hunt Publishing Company, 1997, 221 pages

An excellent introduction to the language of influence utilising archetypal behaviour preference patterns called Meta Programs. Very useful for presentations and indeed, any communication where you seek to influence.


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