Change - Strategic Facilitation

by Tony Mann

Stakeholder mapping

The purpose of this tool is to identify the key relationships with stakeholders. It is used when it is important to understand the relationship with stakeholders.

  1. Identify all the stakeholders and write them on Post-Its™, using different colours to represent different types of stakeholder (for example, internal, external, customer or supplier).
  2. Identify what the issues are in relation to the stakeholders (for example, strength of the relationship, lack of relationship, significance). Create a key to the issues/factors that the group needs to explore and write them on Post-Its™.
  3. Decide how to reflect/show these factors in a diagram/model (for example, thickness of lines, boxes, arrows).


  1. Decide the format (all, all to on, group, one to all).
  2. Start to ‘build’ the stakeholder map on flip chart paper on the wall (see above).
  3. Decide a format for feeding back (all, all to one, group, one to all) and get feedback as to what the map is saying and what it means. Encourage the group to explore what actions need to be taken to change the current situation and ‘snap’ Post-Its™ on the issues.