Email at Work

by Barbara Buffton


It’s likely that you’re reading this because you want some ideas as to how to use email so that it works for you rather than against you.

One of the most stress-inducing things in this modern age is the number of emails in our inboxes. It can make us feel guilty and overwhelmed at times.

Is this you?

  • A slave to your inbox?
  • Feeling as if email is taking over your work life?
  • Not getting the results you want from your emails?

This topic explores some simple techniques and guidelines that aim to improve the quality, security and impact of your emails and also bring some structure and order back to your inbox. The result? Your stress levels will decrease and your productivity will increase.

Can it wait?

If you are at the doctor’s or dentist’s (or any place where you can’t access email), your email will have to wait until you are free. You don’t have to be a slave to your email. Take control by answering it when you’re ready.

It’s up to you!

First we make our habits, then our habits make us.

Charles C Noble

Nowadays, many people carry devices that keep them connected to others 24/7 via email or the web. It is possible to send a message to nearly anyone, anytime, from anywhere, at no monetary cost. But that doesn’t always mean that we should.

We need to remind ourselves that just because we have email and are therefore accessible, we shouldn’t use it for everything and nor should we be forced into responding immediately.

We also need to take extreme care with this rapid means of communication. Being able to respond so quickly means that we can and do make mistakes. Sometimes these mistakes can be very costly, to individuals and to organisations.

What price quality?

‘Quick turnaround is vital to our customers.’

So is quality. Which is more important? Furthermore, the more we focus our attention, the quicker we get things done anyway.