Interviewing - Successful Selection

by Jane Tredgett

Asking the candidate for questions

Always allow time for the candidates to ask questions – remember they are ‘interviewing’ you as well!

Candidate questions will also give you a good idea as to how well they have researched the role and company.

It is not generally seen as a good sign if the only question the candidate asks is around how much they get paid...

Answer the question(s) thoroughly – avoid the temptation to skip through this bit just because it is of no direct benefit to you or because you have another candidate waiting. It is your responsibility to make sure any questions or concerns are answered properly and to manage the time so there is adequate opportunity for this part of the process.

When giving out information about the job, be careful not to oversell it. Make the job sound attractive, but make sure you don’t misrepresent it. If the job does not live up to your promises, it is likely the new person will be disappointed and will not stay around for long.

It is also useful to talk about some of the demands that the job may entail, such as

  • The hours can be long
  • Sometimes unsociable/weekend work may be required
  • Shift work is the norm.

In this way, candidates will be fully informed, before they start the job, as to what may be expected of them.