Liz Hudson

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Since the revelation as a youngster that ignoring conflict does not, in fact, make it go away as parents tend to promise, Liz has sought to find ways to resolve it, her first port of call being physical defence in the form of Ju Jitsu.

After attaining a black belt Liz branched out into a range of different martial arts and started looking for something more subtle as a way to avoid and resolve conflict. Since then she has worked with Fence experts, conflict resolution trainers and taught martial arts in primary and secondary schools in an attempt to get to the root of how natural conflict behaviour develops.

Liz is currently working with the company Education Martial Arts in Leeds and Bradford primary and secondary schools instructing martial arts and self defence.

Some recent clients

Liz has experience working with the NHS and various local councils throughout the UK with the conflict resolution company Good Sense.  She also has teaching experience with children of all age groups in the schools of Bradford and Leeds.


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  • Martial Arts