Drugs and Alcohol

by Ian Robinson

Crisis management

Having carried out a risk assessment, developed your organisation drug and alcohol policy and trained all your managers and staff, things could still go wrong.

Although you will be prepared to deal with most eventualities, there is always the risk of something happening that you have not thought of. How, for example, would you respond to and deal with the police should your premises be visited by officers in possession of a search warrant?

Case study

A cosmetics-producing company was visited at midnight by drug squad officers with a warrant to search the premises. They had arrested an employee, who worked in the company research laboratory and was manufacturing a controlled drug in the laboratory.

What would be your response to the Customs Officers who have impounded one of your vans because the driver had smuggled some drugs in his cabin when bringing the vehicle back into the UK?

Case study

A lorry transporting perishable goods from France to the UK was stopped at Dover Seaport and a bag containing 2000 Ecstasy tablets was found in the driver’s cabin, concealed in a door compartment. The driver was arrested and the vehicle impounded while the Customs carried out their investigation. It took the company three weeks to get the vehicle released, by which time the goods were no longer saleable.

Consideration should be given to making use of a specialised company who can assist you in your dealings with law enforcement agencies. Companies such as IWR Associates can provide a 24/7 emergency number for managers to obtain advice on dealing with issues such as these; in difficult cases, they can attend the premises to provide on-site assistance.