Menopause in the Workplace

by Pat Duckworth

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Difficult conversations

Talking about menopausal symptoms with a colleague could be one of those difficult conversations, but if you don’t address it there may be significant negative outcomes. This section provides practical tips and techniques to help you to get it right.

Attendance Management

Intense or frequent menopausal symptoms can impact on the employee’s attendance at work. This topic will help you to manage attendance effectively and lawfully.

Stress Management

Some women and men going through perimenopause can experience stress symptoms. This section provides an overview of the subject to increase your understanding and help you to spot the danger signs.

Bullying and Harassment

Bullying and harassment can have a significant effect on the individuals involved and on the organisation they work for. This section provides practical advice on identifying this type of behaviour and dealing with it effectively.


Hot women - cool solutions: How to control menopause symptoms using mind/body techniques

Pat Duckworth , published by 10:10:10 Publishing, 2012, 164 pages

A very practical book by the author of this topic. It is very much a 'How-to' book on a wide variety of approaches to managing menopausal symptoms

Natural solutions to menopause: How to stay healthy before, during and after the menopause

Marilyn Glenville, published by Rodale, 2011

A detailed book with practical advice on diet, exercise and food supplements

Women’s experience of working through the menopause

Published by Institute of Work, Health & Organisations for The British Occupational Health Research Foundation, 2010


NHS Choices site on menopause

General information about menopause symptoms and treatment.

Menopause Matters

An independent site with lots of useful information.


You can also contact the author directly: Pat Duckworth