Creative Thinking

by Jayne Cormie

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Creative thinking

Michael LeBoeuf, published by Piatkus (UK), 1990, 244 pages

This is a useful guide on how to generate ideas and turn them into successful reality. The author discusses how to manage the whole creative process including generating ideas through to how to get people behind your ideas.

Serious creativity

Edward de Bono, published by Harper Collins Business, 1996, 338 pages

This is a one of the best resources on creative thinking. It teaches a deliberate, systematic approach to creativity on demand.


Tina Catling and Mark Davies, published by Capstone Publishing Limited, 2002, 145 pages

This is a visual book which presents the key principles of creativity and creative thinking tools.

A technique for producing ideas

James Webb Young, published by NTC Business Books, 1975, 62 pages

This is a classic creative thinking book. The author presents a simple methodology for applying the creative thinking process to generate new and original ideas.


Jordan Ayan, published by Three Rivers Press, 1997, 287 pages

The author presents ten strategies to free your creative spirit and find your great ideas. Entertaining and easy to read, this book is a handbook for creativity.

101 creative problem solving techniques

James M Higgins, published by New Management Publishing Company, 1994, 223 pages

This is a practical handbook of all the best creativity and creative problem solving tools and techniques. A must-have book!


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