Interviewing - Successful Selection

by Jane Tredgett

Closing the interview

When the interview is coming to an end, make sure you advise candidates what happens next – how and when they will be notified and what the next stage is if they are successful.

Clarify any key remaining points, such as how much notice they need to give.

Do not offer interviewees the job there and then. Remember that verbal offers are legally binding and you might find that your views or circumstances change when you interview the next applicant.

Before you finish, it is worth asking the candidate if they still wish to be considered for the position. In the light of what they have learnt at the interview, they may not wish to be considered after all.

Ideally, you should show the candidate back to reception personally and thank them for taking the time to attend the interview.

Sometimes, candidates are given a quick tour before they leave – particularly of the specific area they would be working in. If you decide this is appropriate for the post you are filling, make sure it is only a brief tour – there’s no point in showing them the whole site at this point.