by Nikki Owen

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Charismatic leadership is a winning combination for organisations, their employees and for leaders themselves.

Emotional Intelligence

Developing your charisma requires that you possess high levels of Emotional Intelligence.


Some of the presuppositions and techniques taught in NLP can be highly effective ways for increasing your presence.

Personal Energy

Managing and directing your personal energy is a vital component for building personal magnetism.


Charismatic individuals have the ability to build deep connections with others to maintain strong relationships.


Charismatic people find it easier to influence others towards their personal viewpoints.



Tony Alessandra, PHD published by Pearson Education Limited (UK), 2008, 270 pages

This is a comprehensive tour of seven keys that focus mainly on external behaviours that explain how to develop the type of magnetism that leads to success.

The charisma effect

Andrew Leigh published by Warner Business Books (US), 2000, 231 pages

This seeks to define charisma and examines chemistry from a number of interesting perspectives. It contains some really good practical suggestions, though it can be a little patronising in parts.

The new secrets of charisma

Doe Lang, PHD published by Contemporary Books (US), 1999, 323 pages

Very comprehensive and combines traditional approaches with some ‘out-there’ techniques; particularly useful for readers wanting to become more commanding and assertive

The intention experiment

Lynne McTaggart published by Harper Element (UK), 2007, 342 pages

A book full of well documented scientific studies that show the power of human intentions can actually change the world around us; simultaneously disturbing, fascinating and thought-provoking.


Patsy Rodenburg published by Penguin Group (UK), 2007, 276 pages

An easy-to-read and insightful book on energy that explains how you can expand and develop more presence; the techniques outlined are also useful for stress reduction and maintaining a highly resourceful state.


An audience with charisma

This site provides you with an opportunity to complete a free online profiling tool to identify your level of charisma expressed as a percentage score. Additionally, you’ll receive areas that require development if you want to improve your own charisma.


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