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Learn to remember: transform your memory skills

Dominic O’Brien and Mandy Pritty, published by Duncan Baird Publishers, 2001, 160 pages

An excellent book of ideas and handy hints for remembering things more effectively from the eight times World Memory Champion.

The holographic universe

Michael Talbot, published by HarperCollins Publishers Ltd, 1996, 320 pages

In the introduction, the author clarifies terms such as Holographic Universe and concepts, including the holographic analogy, metaphor or paradigm. The physicist David Bohm and the quantum physicist Karl Pribram are the originators of the idea. Pribram is one of the key researchers in the field of memory and there is some interesting material in the book on how Talbot believes memory may work, using this concept of holography.

In this book, the theories and the conclusions of many researchers influenced by the holographic model and its interpretations are explored. Talbot himself warns that some interpretations are controversial and the book indeed strays into highly esoteric territory.

Memory fitness: a guide for successful aging

Gilles O Einstein and Mark A McDaniel, published by Yale University Press, 2004, 288 pages

The latest scientific information on aging and memory, along with expert advice for middle-aged and older adults concerned about memory problems. Do all adults experience memory difficulties as they age? What is the difference between normal memory change and the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease? Is it possible to stem, or even reverse, memory decline? This book is a comprehensive guide for the growing number of adults who are eager to learn how aging affects memory and what can or cannot be done about it.


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