by Nikki Owen

Raising energy levels

Scientists at the frontiers of research that involves re-examining quantum physics have demonstrated that each of us is a packet of pulsating energy that constantly interacts with the universe.

In Eastern philosophies, the yin/yang symbol provides a graphic representation of male and female energies inherent within us. Yin, or female, energy is the intuitive, receptive, nurturing part of us and Yang, or male, energy is the strong, action-orientated, forceful side of ourselves that gets things accomplished. When these energies are balanced, we ignite an internal emotional intensity that other people experience as magnetism or charisma.

When an individual’s attention is predominantly internally focused, they absorb energy for themselves, yet drain the energy of others. If an individual’s attention is predominantly externally focused, they radiate high levels of energy for others, yet drain their own energy reserves.

Charismatic people simultaneously radiate and absorb extremely high levels of energy because they can balance their attention equally on the needs of others as well as themselves. As the charismatic individual takes in more energy, they are able to radiate even higher levels of energy that continues to build between themselves and the person or people to whom they are paying attention.

Energy drainers at work

Whether you are a manager responsible for a team of individuals or an individual working for a manager, these common energy drainers can happen with surprising frequency in many work-related environments. It’s useful to know what they are so you can avoid draining your own energy levels as well as the energy within others and take positive action to boost energy levels.

  • Doing a piece of work that lacks personal meaning (always ensure that you give good reasons for every piece of work you ask others to do).
  • Reluctance to delegate often leads to feelings of overwhelm and increased internal chatter. Delegate by giving clearly defined guidelines.
  • Minimal interaction with others – people can stimulate our attention and energy. The computer makes it all too easy to avoid rather than seek out interactions with others.
  • Lack of natural light – artificial lighting can dull our energy and causes increased tiredness. If working in an environment without windows, take regular breaks.
  • Being critical of others. If you view others with a constructive eye, this maintains better energy as well as building better relationships. Negativity of any kind saps energy, causing us to feel depressed and weary.
  • A non-supportive environment is draining. When we feel supported, we feel safe to perform to the best of our ability. When we work in a climate of fear or uncertainty, this can impair our thinking and performance, consequently exhausting us.
  • Working long hours for long periods – any type of imbalance within any aspect of our lives will cause us to feel drained of energy. If you monitor your actual output when working long hours, you’ll notice that over a certain point (usually eight or nine hours) your activity slows and so does your output. It can take you twice as long to achieve the smallest task).
  • Conscious lack of confidence and competence – any type of emotion that isn’t positive will reduce your energy and ultimately leave you feeling tired. Both the emotions cited are very ‘introspective’ emotions that naturally endeavour to attract the energy of others towards you, often to the detriment to the energy of others.
  • Unrealistic goals and targets cause feelings of hopelessness and overwhelm.
  • Not being listened to – when someone pays attention to you, they impart energy and the reverse also occurs because, without attention, it becomes difficult to attract additional sources of energy.

Ways to balance and expand your energy levels

  • Walking outdoors helps to balance and restore our energy because it connects us to the idea of a universal energy force. Changing the way we move and the way we think and changing our movement as well as the context we are working in can turbo-charge our energy.
  • Everyone has a constant stream of inner chatter that can be physically overwhelming, especially if that chatter is predominantly made up of negative thoughts. Quietening the mind through meditation or yoga is like giving our bodies nourishing sleep that can replenish our energy. This can be achieved with greater ease if you focus all your attention on one thought or object. Every time your thoughts start to wander, bring your attention back to the object. Just five minutes devoted to silencing your internal chatter can rejuvenate and balance your energy flow.
  • Be compassionate and kind to yourself and others. Every time you verbally attack yourself, you immediately shrink your electro-magnetic field, therefore draining your energy. Avoid being critical of others because when you judge another person, you diminish and reduce yourself as well.
  • Pay attention to people when you are communicating with them. They will unconsciously ‘feel’ the energy of your attention that will stimulate a greater flow of their attention and energy towards you.