Information Security

by Andy Taylor

Information Security

The public profile of information security has been raised in recent months and years through a series of incidents in the UK and elsewhere around the world. These incidents range from the loss of thousands of credit card details by a retail company, through the loss of laptops with confidential information stored on the hard drive, to the leaving of secret documents on a train. All these incidents show one thing – there is always going to be a need for the proper protection of information and hence for information security.

The consequences of losing information, or allowing inappropriate access to it, may differ from one organisation to another. In a private company, the consequences could include fines and loss of reputation, resulting in a drop in share value. In a public organisation, the result is likely to be at least the general public’s loss of confidence in the body or even in the wider public service up to, and very much including, central government.


Your organisation may have its own policies that relate to this topic. You should always check these policies before taking any action that could carry personal or organisational liabilities, and seek qualified advice if there is an apparent conflict between your organisation’s policies and the content of this topic.

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