Public Relations

by Debbie Leven


Image and identity are crucial to the success of any organisation, and PR is essentially concerned with managing reputation – the impression held of an organisation. Regarding that perception, PR will generally be concerned with either

  • Creating a perception
  • Building on a current perception
  • Changing perception.

Those activities are usually focused on promoting, highlighting or endorsing a reputation at one end or protecting and defending it at the other. The skill of the PR practitioner lies in understanding what the journalist wants and providing them with that information, ‘packaged’ in the correct format/way, to give the best opportunity of getting the organisation’s messages across.

Don’t believe your own publicity. You can’t; you’ll start thinking that you’re better than you are.

Leif Garrett

In this topic you will learn about the value of PR in helping to form the company’s vision and identity, enhancing its reputation and helping to manage crises, its essential role within the organisation, how the PR department works and the possible range of its activities, and – last but not least – how you and your team can work with, benefit from and support your PR department.