by Anne Laing and Tim Bean


We were designed for a hunter-gatherer lifestyle that required us to continually move and use our muscles. We now have a sedentary lifestyle that encourages us to sit and eat. If we just behave normally in our environment, we will put on weight and become tired and stressed – so we have to do something different.

No matter what diet they choose, most dieters fall into the trap of allowing themselves to go hungry. What happens? They get tired and irritable and reach for a sugary, fatty instant ‘comfort’ snack.

Why you need to get your nutrition right

The ten billion nerve cells in your brain process uncountable amounts of information each second; they make our most advanced computers look like toys. These processes are totally reliant on the food you eat. As the brain is progressively damaged by poor nutrition, intelligence declines, memory fades, muscles atrophy, bones weaken, immunity disappears – and, not surprisingly, your work suffers.

Don’t just be an acceptor of food; become a selector of food by knowing what is or is not good for you. What you eat and drink today is how you will feel, think and look tomorrow!

When the diet is wrong medicine is of no use, when the diet is correct medicine is of no need.

Ancient Ayurvedic proverb

It takes six weeks to start to form a habit. Be patient with yourself. Healthy eating will become second nature if you persist.

The secret of physique happiness is not necessarily doing what one likes, but liking the results.

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And if...

If, after all your planning and good intentions, you over-indulge, don’t go on a guilt trip. Guilt is a useless emotion that only weakens your resolve to successfully manage your weight. Get over it and move on.