Creative Thinking

by Jayne Cormie

Law breaker

The law breaker tool uses a logical and analytical approach to thinking creatively. It is designed to reflect the thinking style of digital thinkers.

One method for creating novel perspectives is to state your problem in the opposite way. Our minds find the negative more intriguing! Once you’ve gathered the negatives, you can turn them back into positives and get new ideas.

Reversing everyday assumptions can challenge your thinking and produce unusual trains of thought. Reversals allow you to look at conventional things in a new way.

In essence, challenging your assumptions broadens your thinking by encouraging you to see things differently. Many creative thinkers get their most original ideas when they challenge and reverse the obvious.


To identify and challenge your assumptions (‘laws’) and examine what happens when you ignore, circumvent, twist or reverse those laws.


The key to using this tool successfully is to use as many random objects/pictures as is necessary to generate as many different ideas as possible.

List all the assumptions you have with regard to your creative task.

Break the ‘law’ by challenging each assumption. Next to each law, think of one or two ways to break it.

Reverse each assumption (write down the opposite of each one) beginning with the phrase, ‘How might we...’ Use the reversed assumptions to stimulate new ideas.

Identify how you can accomplish each broken assumption/reversal.


Law breaker in practice

The concept for stuffed crust pizzas came from challenging the assumptions about pizza toppings. Usually the topping is on the top! However, it could also be on the bottom, in the middle or in the edges.

Stuffed crust pizzas have a cheese ‘topping’ in the edges of the pizza.